Health Care Marketing Attribution & Analytics

How Do Health and Wellness Marketers Gain A Deep Understanding Of Prospective Customers?

Health and wellness marketers experience long sales cycles and long evaluation processes. This generates a gap in knowledge when it comes to understanding how to improve revenue generation. Marketers need to understand what happens between anonymous web-visit to sales in order to improve marketing.

How do their best leads find them? What are the touchpoints that are having the greatest influence on closing deals? Brands like Clearcare, Moleac and CareCloud answer these questions using Bizible.

These questions are a mystery to some health and wellness marketers, so we decided to run a survey. We surveyed over 350 B2B marketers to understand how they do marketing attribution, which channels are performing the best, and what their priorities are.

We made some interesting findings:

-- 44% of healthcare marketers don’t know if they will be using the same attribution model in six months. To solve the problem of disconnection between sales and marketing data, marketers use Bizible's multi-touch attribution to gain a unified view of the funnel. 


-- Content marketing is the marketing activity with the greatest impact on revenue, according to health and wellnesss marketers. These marketers use Bizible's attribution solution to accurately measure revenue generated from both online and offline channels. 


 Download the full brief and learn how your peers are finding success with demand generation and account-based marketing.


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