Higher Education Marketing Attribution & Analytics

Meaningful marketing data for higher education

From first-click to course sign-up, prospective students take a variety of journeys to becoming a student. Higher education marketers need to be using attribution analytics such as Bizible to understand that journey and improve their recruitment efforts.

Kaplan, eCornell and Code Fellows are just a sampling of the companies using Bizible to get access to this marketing data.

It's not just attribution data that helps improve enrollment rates and makes enrollment more predictable. Enrollment managers who focus on the ultimate outcome of marketing enjoy greater returns on their marketing spend. We call this pipeline marketing and we investigated how higher education marketers are taking the uncertainty out of ad spending. 

In the Pipeline Marketing Brief for High Education Marketers you'll understand which marketing channels higher education instiutions are having the most success with, how they measure marketing performance, and how they prioritize marketing investments.

Findings in the brief include:

-- 31% of education marketers believe they are using the wrong attribution model to measure enrollment success.


-- Generating leads is the number one priority for education marketers in 2016.


Stay informed on how your peers are improving enrollment management and demand generation in higher education by downloading the brief.