Marketing Attribution & Analytics For Manufacturers

How Do Manufacturing And Energy Marketers Gain A Deep Understanding Of Prospective Customers?

Manufacturing and energy companies face complex and lengthy sales cycles. Where traditional analytics inform marketers on the performance of top-of-funnel activities, a knowledge gap exists between those top-of-funnel activities and actual revenue.

Generating revenue is a difficult job when manufacturers can’t see which of their activities or channels are generating customers. Marketing orgs become a profit centers without knowing where their best leads come from.

What do you do about this?

To understand how to tackle this problem we surveyed B2B manufacturing and energy marketers. We asked over 350 marketers how they measure success, which marketing channels have the greatest impact on revenue and what their marketing priorities are for next year.

Among manufacturers like Curtiss Wright, Procentec, and Tovatech, we made interesting findings about how marketers measure success and repeat what’s working.

Our findings include:

--43% of manufacturing and energy marketers don’t know if they are using the correct attribution model. This is where Bizible's multi-touch attribution solution helps manufacturers measure the effectivess of marketing, from first-touch to sales-closed. 


--SEO and email marketing are the top 2 channels with the greatest impact on revenue, according to manufacturing and energy marketers. With Bizible, marketers can connect both online and offline channels in order to understand the customer journey, and improve demand generation and account-based marketing efforts. 


Are you interested in what your peers are doing to gain a bigger stake in revenue generation? Read the brief to find out.