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How Do Software and SaaS Marketers Gain A Deep Understanding Of Prospective Customers?

Software and SaaS cloud businesses experience long sales cycles that generate a knowledge gap. How do their best leads find them? How do prospects become customers?

In order to generate new customers SaaS and software marketers from Avalara, Optimizely, Xamarin and DoubleDutch use Bizible to understand everything that happens from anonymous web-visit to sales-closed, so they can optimize for revenue.

Marketers can reduce uncertainty and improve decision making when it comes to spending for demand generation and account-based marketing.

Being interested in how software and SaaS marketers gain a deep understanding of their prospective customers, we conducted a survey and made some interesting findings:

--  43% of software and cloud marketers say they are not using the right attribution model. For an accurate attribution solution, marketers rely on Bizible's multi-touch attribution solution to understand prospects needs and deliver efficient demand and account-based marketing programs.


--  Content marketing and conferences/tradeshows are the marketing channels with the greatest impact on revenue, according to software and cloud marketers. And to understand how offline and online channels influence revenue, marketers use Bizible's omni-channel tracking to improve demand generation and account-based marketing programs. 

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